Getting a Great Sign Should be Easier. Now it is.

For a lot of our clients, commissioning a sign can feel little overwhelming. Whether they’re looking for a new sign or need to refresh an older sign, our clients come to us with lots of questions on their mind:

  • What kind of sign do I need?
  • How do I choose from all these options? It’s confusing!
  • My business is opening soon. Will I find a sign company that can deliver when I need it?
  • Do I need to pull permits?
  • Will I find a sign company that cares about my business?

Whatever your questions, we’re committed to helping you navigate this process easily and efficiently.

Our Process

From concept to sign design to completion, at Frank Balton Sign Company we strive for the highest level of transparency and professionalism. Using cutting edge technology, we partner with you to get custom signage on time and within your budget.


Once you contact us, we’ll begin the discovery process where we come onsite and assess your needs. We’ll put together an estimate and an initial sign design.

Sign Design

We design your sign working with you to create an original sign design or we can use your existing artwork and brand assets. We’ll digitize the design so it’s ready for fabrication. When you work with us, you can get as creative as you want. If you have an idea, we can make it happen – no matter how big or small.


Permits and Site Survey

We take care of all the details so your sign project goes smoothly. We measure the site, assess your electrical needs, and pull permitting for your project. We’ll also work with your landlord to ensure that your signs meets all requirement for the site.


This can look a little different for each customized project. Physical preparation can include machine cutting, welding, painting and hand assembly. Using state of the art equipment, our expert sign makers craft high quality and lasting signs.



We take care of all the final details. If applicable, we’ll coordinate with your landlord to schedule installation. Whether your custom sign is being installed on a skyscraper or in front of a small retail store, our team of installers bring craftsmanship and expertise to your project.

Are You Ready to Get Started with Custom Sign Design? 

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